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How An Android Widget Saved My Device UI Automation

There are no clever quotes this time. Instead I'm just going to let you know that I've been in a high-fiving mood for hours now. Here's why...

Android Device UI Automation Limitations In order to exercise the UI, the UI needs to be active. This means the screen needs to be awake and unlocked. All of the devices in my lab are required to be managed by the Google Apps Device Management Policy. This policy includes a maximum 30 minute screen timeout. Some devices retain a developer setting "Keep Screen On While Charging" despite the policy being in place. Some devices, especially the newer ones do not. It seems that the Device Policy overrides the developer settings and while I can see why that might be justified, it annoys me greatly. Since I do not have the privileges required to change the Device Policy, I have to work with it. Okay, more like *around* it.
Try, Try Again I've tried many options to keeping screens unlocked. I've tried a variety of apps tha…

Unlocking Your Android Test Devices' Potential. Literally.

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."
~George Washington Carver  The successful creation and management of a device lab at my company has required many hours of work from an autodidactic polymath. Unfortunately that responsibility fell to rest on me instead (with an audible *THUMP*). This is another piece of the narrative of my education.

Waking and Unlocking Jelly Bean Devices Automatically One of the common traits to all Android devices we use in house is that they're all provisioned with a Google Apps account for remote management purposes. This includes "personal" devices (BYOD is alive and well) and lab devices. Under the auspices of Google's MDM scheme, there is no concept of segregating collections of devices and applying rules regarding PIN strength, screen timeouts, etc (at least according the the domain admin whose words I have no need to distrust). This is frustrating to me since my first experience with MDM was back in 20…