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4000 pageviews and counting!

In this admittedly niche topic of software quality assurance, I'm impressed at the traffic this tiny little blog has received. I'm thankful for the feedback so far and nothing speaks more loudly than the popularity of the few posts I've made on the topic of UIAutomator. They are by far the biggest sources of traffic. In order to help serve the common good of other QAEs working in Android, I'd be happy to explore the topic more deeply so I'm going to start a list of a few subtopics worth digging into.

WebViews - this is a common area of concern for many people, especially on projects with low budgets for native app development. Whether WebViews can ever be supported or to what extent that can be supported by UIAutomator.jar is a topic that should get regular treatment.Useful UiWatchers - because these handle asynchronous events it would be useful to generate a library of common interface event Watchers that tests should be able to use in a generic fashion. It would b…