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Enterprise scale live device test automation for Android on Jenkins

"No darlin', don't make me explain it. I don't know why but I don't want to." ~ Ted Hawkins Update: the included test system in Gradle supports parallelized test automation on all connected devices as of version 0.3. The current version is 0.7.3. See the following link. Obviously there is a lot of bluster about Google disrespecting scalable live device test automation which I could edit out at this point but A) Gradle Android support is not yet at v1.0 and B) that would be a wee dishonest. This is what I wrote. I was wrong. Check out Gradle. It is awesome-sauce! (edited: 2014-01-16)
Android's developer documentation is excellent and voluminous. There is an excellent mix of training, API guides, and JavaDoc references. So it piques my attention forcing me to ask "why" when a large topic I'm interested in is conspicuously absent. With Xcode 5 and Mavericks Server, Apple has made a serious play to support the enterprise continuous integration p…