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My Favorite Script - Being Lazy for Fun and Profit

Success is a journey, not a destination. So stop running.
As a tester, one of my most repeated routines includes the following:

downloading a new build from our CI serveruninstalling the build from my test devices (note the plural)launching the app for a specific set of tests or investigations.  This happens many times a day, each day, all year. This routine also has many variations based on whether I just want to clear app data and relaunch it, whether I have a different method to launch the app in mind (different starting activity, different intent extras, etc). On top of all of this, there are details about the build which are relevant to any resultant actions I take in our task/bug tracking suite such as build number, device information, etc. This kind of jumble is cumbersome and time-consuming to manage manually. The whole reason to manage all of that process and information is to maintain a consistent practice of reliable reproducible tests and rich environment and setup data for…