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Tester GIF-roll pt 1

When you label a bug P1 and are asked to justify that by explaining the impact on the user:When they force you to run the sprint demo and a new bug shows up in the middle of it: When a developer says "show me" and the bug miraculously stops happening: When your bug report is rejected on the grounds of "design by defect" not on the merits of the issue itself:

When you spend all day searching the spec documentation for a subtle requirement justifying the bug you're reporting only to refresh the page and see that requirement was just deprecated:

When you find a bug so pernicious, it takes the senior developer a week and a half of steady work to fix it, then you immediately find another bug in the fix:

When you see the build in production and immediately find a spleling error:

When you're asked to estimate the amount of effort it will take to test a specific user story during sprint planning and someone on the team interrupts by saying "just add 20% of the d…