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Boom! Screenshot! Level up your test debugging with RunListener

UI automation is like a dumb computer user; a really, really, profoundly dumb computer user. It will fail, it will be obvious that it is failing. But it won't always know immediately why. Sometimes just observing it's failures by means of a screenshot of the failure is all it takes.

As you recall from my last post on the topic, screenshots on failure are a potent way to quickly reduce the time to answer the question of why a UI test case failed. Google's Android Test Tools team likes screenshots enough that they've included the capability inside the UiAutomator framework. Square likes it enough to have included it in their Spoon framework. And as we all remember, Robotium's been doing this for a long, long time. The main advantage to the approach I described previously is that screenshots would happen automatically based on errors of any kind in the test lifecycle.

As of now, you're all probably migrating or have already migrated to the newer Android Testing Su…